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Here we go... [24 Oct 2007|10:49am]

[ mood | calm ]

1) Name: Meilz
2) Favorite band: oooh difficult. At the moment Johnny Cash is getting played a bit
3) Favorie female singer: Brooke Fraser without a doubt
4) Favorite male singer: too hard to pick. Paul Wright today?!
5) Favorite song: All At Once by The Fray
6) Favorie quote: If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for everything
7) Why I would like to join: I love quotes for the days when your own words just can't express what you feel.


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[10 Oct 2007|03:48pm]

[ mood | hmm.. ]

Name: Krystin
Fave Band: I have a ton--but to name a few: The decemberists, paramore, tegan and sara, death cab for cutie, the getup kids, jimmy eat world, alkaline trio, bayside
Fave Singer: Colin Meloy-lead singer of the decemberists, Scooter Ward-lead singer of cold. Anthony Ranneri-lead singer of bayside Matt Skiba-singer from Alkaline Trio
Fave Song: "I know"- Tegan and Sara
Fave Quote: "Quotes get you through the days when you think no one else knows what your going through"
Reason for joining: I'm a writer. And quotes are for when your just stuck. 

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[03 Oct 2007|11:52am]


( "As you wish." )
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[22 Sep 2007|03:50pm]


( CLEMENTINE: You can't be ugly! Be pretty! )
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noob noob [07 Aug 2007|06:43pm]

Hi everyone, noob here!

1) Name: Krizia. Or Isabelle. Both will do. :)
2) Favorite band: Depends on my mood swings. Constant loves are The Strokes, Interpol, Arctic Monkeys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
3) Favorie female singer: Euh... probably Regina Spektor and Emilie Simon.
4) Favorite male singer: Alex Turner and Paul Banks. :)
5) Favorite song: It really depends on my mood swings. Current fave would be "Jeudi Pop Pop" by Mickey 3D.
7) Why I would like to join: I love words and random quotes. So this is perfect for me. :)
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My application ^^ [31 Jul 2007|05:24pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey! I just joined and realized only now that I'm supposed to fill a form in order to actually join ^^ here goes.

1) Your name... It doesn't have to be your real name, just something we can call you
- You can call me Khar.
2) Favorite band...
- Ouch, too many. Mainly industrial metal and folk and... alternative?
3) Favorite female singer...
- Björk, or Cara Dillon.
4) Favorite male singer...
- Marilyn Manson.
5) Favorite song...
- Too many to count.
6) Favorie quote...
- Too many to count, too, but right now I love this one by Oscar Wilde: "
Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter."
7) And finally why you would like to join. It doesn't have to be a huge, long, in depth answer, don't worry :-) You could probably say anything and it will work.
- I just manage to squeeze in a random quote every now and then in my normal way of speaking and so I thought this community would be quite suitable for me ^^'

Have some lyrics (a few lines from The Cure: Pictures Of You)

You fallen into my arms
Crying for the death of your heart
You were stone white
So delicate
Lost in the cold
You were always so lost in the dark
You how you used to be
Slow drowned
You were angels
So much more than everything
Hold for the last time then slip away quietly
Open my eyes
But I never see anything

If only I'd thought of the right words
I could have held on to your heart
If only I'd thought of the right words
I wouldn't be breaking apart
All my pictures of you

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Need to liven this community up again :-D [23 Jun 2005|07:39pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]


Andrew Largeman: Let's just talk about good stuff.
Sam: Good stuff?
Andrew Largeman: Yeah. Glass half full shit. What do you got?
Sam: I got a little buzz. I got that.
Sam: What you got?
Andrew Largeman: I got a little buzz going
Andrew Largeman: and I like you.
[Sam, embarassed, giggles]
Andrew Largeman: So there's that. I guess I have that.

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[02 May 2005|06:59pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

here`s some -dawson`s creek- quotes i found. =)
<3 Gabbie ... __ x0ox

"I'm sitting here with my best friend and my palms are sweating." -Dawson

*"If you can't understand why we can't be just friends. If you can't understand that...then you don't understand me at all." -Dawson

*"Ever have one of those days you wish you could start all over again?" -Dawson's Creek

*"I understand. I'm tired of understanding. All I do is understand." -Dawson's Creek

*"We can't talk like we used to. There's just some things we can't say." -Dawson's Creek

*"I looked at him and he looked at me and for that split second it was like we forgave each other for everything." -Joey

*"You wanted a kiss. Is that what you want? Are you prepared for everything that comes with that kiss? Cause it doesn't end with a fade out. There are reprocussions. Hearts get broken. Friendships get ruined. Your entire life could fall apart because of one kiss. That's what you have to look forward to. Do yourself a big favor. Don't rush it." -Dawson's Creek

*"I don't believe in perfect love, but I do believe that there are people whos lives are interwined. Who have a bond that lasts forever. That can never be broken, and she needs you now man. You're the only one that knows her whole history. You're the only one who knows what she's going through." -Jack

*"You're probably right...I'm sure I don't have any idea what you're going through. How hard it is to let someone go. How painful it must be to know that as right as you two are for each other...doesn't mean you're right for each other now. I wouldn't know a thing about that. About how it makes you want to scream, or hit someone...or cry." -Dawson's Creek

*"How can you simply be friends with someone when everytime you look at them all you think about is how much more you really want them?" -Dawson

*"This guy didn't know you. I don't care how you felt about him. He didn't know you because if he did, he never would have walked away from you." -Pacey

*"Just because we don't say certain things doesn't mean we don't feel them." -Dawson's Creek

*"So, how do you date one guy while you're still in love with another?" - Dawson's Creek

*"Letting go isn't a one time thing, it's something you do everyday, over and over again." -Dawson's Creek

*"It's tearing me up on the inside to have these feelings for you, but I can't get rid of them." -Pacey

*"If we are truly meant to be, then we will find our way back to each other. It's as simple as that." -Dawson

*"I'd like to tell todays youth that no matter where life takes you...big cities, small towns, you'll eventually come across small minds, people who think they are better than you are. People who think that material things or being pretty or popular automatically makes you a worthwhile human being. I'd like to tell todays youth that none of these things matter, unless you have a strength of character, integrity, sense of pride, and if you're lucky to have any of these things don't ever sell out. So when you meet a person for the first time, please don't judge them by their station in life. Cause who knows...that person might end up being your best friend." -Joey

"No matter where you are, no matter where your life may take you, and no matter who you're with, you'll always have a piece of my heart." -Dawson's Creek"When a girl hates you the way she hates you, it really means that she likes you. That's basic kindergarden psychology." -Dawson's Creek

"I have always believed in you. I mean you're the most extraordinary talented person that I've ever met. I'm your biggest fan." -Joey (Dawson's Creek)

"I just want you to know that if you ever need me I'll always be here for you and all you ever have to do is ask." -Dawson

"Just because we don't say certain things, doesn't mean we don't feel them." -Dawson's Creek

"You're born and you die and you make a lot of mistakes in between." -Dawson's Creek

"I'm a firm believer that sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing." -Dawson's Creek

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[01 May 2005|03:00am]

[ mood | crushed ]

heyy i just joined, my name is Gabbie nd i`m 15.. i don`t kn0w if i`m allowed to request anything, but i was wondering if anyone had any quotes on liking one of your guys friends that you`re really close to nd he keeps giving you mixed signals, nd even th0 he has a g/f he styll tries to get wid you nd all that .. any quotes relating to that would be greatly appreciated =) thanks

and here`s a few quotes for now .. i`ll post more later.. x0

you can close your eyes to the things
that you don't want to see, but you
can't close your heart to the things
you don't want to feel..

What will u do when theres noone
to fall back on? i wont be there,
i've learned my lesson ........

His "Happily Ever After"
was her worst nightmare...

I admit that I'm just a fool for you..

This is my depressed stance. When you’re depressed, it makes a lot of difference how you stand. The worst thing you can do is straighten up and hold your head high because then you’ll start to feel better. If you’re going to get any joy out of being depressed, you’ve got to stand like this. -Charlie Brown

"We're all damaged in our own way. Nobody's perfect. I think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us."-Johnny Depp

I’ve learned that guys make the best friends, my best friend is a guy and I can tell him anything...oh except for the fact that I’m absolutely crazy for him...I always seem to leave that part out of the conversation.

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my application : [18 Apr 2005|06:01pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Name : Sara
Favorite Band : Green day, Streetlight Manifesto, Ween, The killers & more
Favorite Female Singer : Ashlee Simpson
Favorite Male Singer : John Mayer ( I don't really listen to much music other than bands so ya)
Favorite Song : Failing, Flailing
Favorite Quote : Never regret something that made you smile.
Why I want to join : This is a crony answer but, I saw that one of your intrests was snowboarding & I board + I like writing lyrics & quotes alwasy come in handy !

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[08 Jan 2005|02:42am]

1) Your name... It doesn't have to be your real name, just something we can call you~Shannon, Shanana
2) Favorite band...Ataris, The Killers, The Strokes, Postal Service, Modest Mouse, Greenday, Dresdon Dolls,...a lot more
3) Favorie female singer...Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch
4) Favorite male singer...Micheal Buble, John Mayer
5) Favorite song...Clark Gable-Postal Service
6) Favorie quote..."The deeper the sorrow the less it speaks"-The Talmud
7) And finally why you would like to join. It doesn't have to be a huge, long, in depth answer, don't worry :-) You could probably say anything and it will work. - Today was group joining day and I love wisdom and alogether quoting and lyrics. :).
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Oopss! [16 Oct 2004|12:42pm]

[ mood | what's wrong with the entry? ]

That didn't turn out too right!  so I include the link for the page

click What's your Icon? and fill in your details!! ahha, okay!  Crosses fingers *this should work!

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The QuotenLyrics community [16 Oct 2004|12:35pm]

[ mood | high ]

completely new  to this community :D i have brought in this!

<table style='font-family : Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif; border-collapse: collapse; border: 1px solid black;' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='2' align='center'><form action='http://memegen.net/viewmeme.pl?meme=1074625610' method='POST'><tr><th colspan=2  bgcolor='#000000'><font color='#DDDD88'>Your Icon is..... by <a href='http://www.livejournal.com/users/crazie_gurl/'><font color='#DDDD88'>d3athofs3asons</font></a></font></th></tr><tr><td bgcolor='#333333' style='border: 1px solid black;'><span style='color: #FFFFFF;'>Your Name</span></td><td bgcolor='#DDDDAA' style='border: 1px solid black;'><span style='color: #000000;'><input type='text' name='Your Name' value='spongebabe' size='20'></span></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor='#333333' style='border: 1px solid black;'><span style='color: #FFFFFF;'>Your Age</span></td><td bgcolor='#DDDDAA' style='border: 1px solid black;'><span style='color: #000000;'><input type='text' name='Your Age' value='15' size='20'></span></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor='#333333' style='border: 1px solid black;'><span style='color: #FFFFFF;'>Your B-day</span></td><td bgcolor='#DDDDAA' style='border: 1px solid black;'><span style='color: #000000;'><input type='text' name='Your B-day' value='30 May 1989' size='20'></span></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor='#333333' style='border: 1px solid black;'><span style='color: #FFFFFF;'>Your Icon Is....</span></td><td bgcolor='#DDDDAA' style='border: 1px solid black;'><span style='color: #000000;'><img src='http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v444/puncrox07/146860.gif'></span></td></tr><input type='hidden' name='un' value='d3athofs3asons'><input type='hidden' name='meme' value='1074625610'><tr><td colspan=2 align='center' bgcolor='#000000'><input type='submit' value='Fill Out Your Answers and Try it!'></td></tr><tr><td colspan=2 align='center' bgcolor='#000000'><font size='-1' color='#FFFFFF'><a href='http://memegen.net/'><font color='#DDDD88'>Quiz created with MemeGen</font></a>!</font></td></tr></form></table>


Some resulting icons have quotes tell me if yours do!! 

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hey :) [13 Oct 2004|07:53am]
[ mood | silly ]

1) Your name... It doesn't have to be your real name, just something we can call you: Jill, Gilz, hey you pay attention...
2) Favorite band... Muse, ash, snow patrol, m20, the likes
3) Favorite female singer... uh, christine aguilera i suppose :S
4) Favorite male singer... Matt Bellamy :)
5) Favorite song... half the fun/snow patrol
6) Favorie quote... I have nothing to declare but my genius. (oscar wilde, heh)
7) And finally why you would like to join. Cos, I'm bored, and you guys seem cool!

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Vanessa Carlton [11 Sep 2004|03:37pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Has anyone heard the new Vanessa Carlton song? Does anyone like it? I am not sure what everyone here likes, it seems kind of dead but lets not let this community die because I love quotes and lyrics. :)

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[10 Jul 2004|10:15am]


You know that you're obsessed with LOTR when:  PART 1


This wouldn't go in my journal...so I'm trying it here. stupid lj...


 - You’re known at the local Movie Theater as, “The Two Towers Kid”.

- Your email address/screen name has something to do with LOTR

- This particular email address/screen name is something along the lines of “Lady Greenleaf” or “Master Baggins”.

- You name your pets after someone or something from LOTR.

- You forget what color your walls actually are because they have so much LOTR paraphernalia on them that you haven’t seen them since the Second Age.

- Your bedroom door is decorated to look like the Door of Moria.

- People must “Speak Friend” to enter

- Your birthday party has a Lord of the Rings theme, and no one is allowed in unless they have a proper costume on.

- For this party, you put up a sign at the bottom of your driveway that says, “No admittance except on party business”.

- You pose next to your life size standups so you can show the pictures to your friends, claiming to have met the cast members.

- You begin to refer to a few select items (or just as likely...one particular one) as “My Precioussss”

- You make a rule: You can live (at most) 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 hours without LOTR, and 3 minutes without oxygen.

- You insist on going to Wal Mart at midnight every time a version of LOTR becomes available on VHS and DVD because you want it the INSTANT it’s available. (You're even more obsessed if you get it on both VHS and DVD).

- You insist that everyone be kind to the trees in your yard because they may actually just be Ents gone tree-ish.

- You celebrate the birthdays of both the characters and the actors from LOTR.

- You invent your own holiday that is to be spent doing nothing that does not involve LOTR.

- You find that this day is not all that different from your normal day.

- You can remember exactly how many times you’ve seen each LOTR movie right off the top of your head.

- You refuse to ever in your life watch any movies that won the award in a category that LOTR was nominated.

- You insist that Haldir is not really dead…he just “went to live on the farm”.

- You will rent ANY movie involving a Lord of the Rings actor, no matter how stupid it may be. *Cough ICE STORM cough cough CROC HUNTER cough*

- You make a countdown to the next LOTR movie for your classroom involving a ‘fact of the day’ each day.

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[27 Jun 2004|11:11pm]

well, im actuallly leaving this club thingy since its kinda deadish........sorry!
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I suppose I will grace you with my pressence! tehe [17 May 2004|08:11pm]

1) Your name... It doesn't have to be your real name, just something we can call you...Jello, Jai, Joe, Fran, Gracel, whatever......
2) Favorite band...Hrm....umm...I guess I too will have to say The Beatles. But Sublime, Pink Floyd, and Zeplin are up there too...hrm...haha.
3) Favorie female singer...right now, Ani DiFranco...OH! And Eva Cassidy, Caroll King- o, wow, there are just too many! I cant choose!
4) Favorite male singer...Jack Johnson
5) Favorite song...The Beatles- In my Life
6) Favorie quote...oh crap, this is a toughy. I dont even know! I always say this one, but I cant think of it right now. I think its from an Ani song....
7) And finally why you would like to join. It doesn't have to be a huge, long, in depth answer, don't worry :-) You could probably say anything and it will work. Well, Katgie, I am god and all. And all though you may rule the world, guess who rules you!! Muhahaha! :-D.
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[17 May 2004|05:30pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Pinky : " Oh that was fun Brain. …….. I’m all tingly woo woo!!"

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Pinky & the Brain [17 May 2004|05:16pm]

Pinky: "Eh , gad , you astound me Brain."
Brain : " That’s a simple task Pinky."

such a good show :-D
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